October 19, 2022

In no time Christmas will be here and everyone will be extremely busy with preparations for it. One of the most exciting parts is designing Christmas cards to send to family and friends. And if you are looking to desighn  personalised Christmas cards then our team has the best ideas for you.

To make the perfect card, you must have these 5 things in your card. And before you start looking for platforms to help create the card, we would recommend using Canva as it is the easiest, simplest and most creative site with the best designs out there.


The first thing that you need to think about for cards is their style of it. This matters a lot since it will gain other people’s attention too. So what would you like, a traditional Christmas card or a more unique version? You can also choose the card’s style in a way that would showcase your personality in the best way.

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So this is when you should let your creativity take control, and choose a style that would show your family and friends what Christmas really means for you.


Now even if these are holiday business cards a personalised one would stand out more as compared to basic cards. The only way to achieve that is by adding cute pictures. It can be a collage of family members or animated pictures for a softer touch. You can really do anything and even add extra effects by adding tiny images of snowflakes.


If you want a more personalised and unique Christmas card, then it is best to miss out on the most repeated and basic ‘Merry Christmas’ text. Instead, opt for something different and more like you. You can also make your card look way better by adding the text in a way that would look seamless and align well with the pictures too.

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No matter what, the colour matters a lot in any card because it sets the theme for the entire message that you are sending and sharing with others. Now it’s up to you to choose what colours you want to add but keep in mind that this will complete the whole Christmas vibe. For instance, the colours white, green and red are very common and traditional in setting the Christmas vibe.

But it does not have to be these colours only, you can even use other combinations such as black and gold, or silver and red. The choice is yours, but our team thinks that the minimum colour should be one and a maximum of four. Too many colours can ruin the look of the card and be harsh on the eyes. Whereas one colour would dull out the card and not be of interest to anyone.

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Font Style

By creating your card yourself you will be able to ensure that it is personalised and fits the image you want it to. This is your chance to complete the whole Christmas feeling through your card and send out warmth and love to your close ones.

The font can also represent Christmas if you choose it correctly, the way to do that is by choosing Hand Lettering font for short phrases, and Serif for long phrases.


By using Canva, you can achieve all these 5 crucial steps in order to make the perfect Christmas card. This way you will have a personalised card that you can share with your close ones. And we are sure that by adding all these 5 elements you’ll end up making a card that will receive many compliments.

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